18 August 2010

நடமாடும் மருத்துவக்குழுவில் தடுப்பூசிப்பணி

நடமாடும் மருத்துவக்குழு தங்களது பணியின் போது தடுப்பூசி தொடர்பாக மேற்கொள்ள வேண்டிய பணிகள் குறித்த 10 கட்டளைகள் கீழே கொடுக்கப் பட்டுள்ளது.ஆவணப்படுத்தும் நோக்கில் இங்கே.

Each MMU should cover at least 25 to 30 villages in a month. At present, outreach immunization is done by Mobile Medical Units (MMU) on Wednesdays only. During the technical committee meeting on Immunization, it has been decided to provide Immunization services in all MMU camps among other services irrespective of wednesdays. Hence, the following guidelines are issued.
1) Operational guidelines already issued for conducting mobile outreach camps should continue.
2) Apart from the services already earmarked for Mobile Medical Units, immunization services should also be provided on all camp days. The objective of this is to facilitate to cover dropouts and left outs in all remote areas wherever the outreach camps are conducted.
3) As per fixed tour plan, the Mobile Medical Units should collect vaccines from the PHC with proper cold chain. Two vaccine carriers shall be used, one for forenoon session and another for afternoon session. The quantum of vaccines to be packed in first and second vaccine carrier shall be based on the anticipated beneficiaries in FN and AN sessions respectively. The vaccines earmarked for FN session should not be used in the AN session even when unused vaccines are available; but ice packs must be replaced to maintain proper cold chain. Likewise, vaccine lifted for AN session alone be used for that session.
4) Adequate ice packs should also be carried in a 5 litre cold box to replace ice packs whenever need arises. Required AD syringes and immunization cards should also be collected from the PHCs. The VHN of the area where the camp is going to be held should co-ordinate the Immunization process and accompany the team.
5) The balance of vaccine if any should be returned with proper cold chain to the PHC from where the vaccines were collected on the same day itself. The returned vaccine from the camp should be utilized at the very next immunization session to be held at the PHC after verifying VVM. The list of children covered by Mobile Medical Units should be reviewed at the Tuesday review meeting.
6) The MMU vehicle can be utilized to bring the children from the nearby area to the camp site and they must be dropped in their area safely after immunization.
7) The VHN of the area should actively mobilize the children in her area with proper recording in the register. Due list of children must be available with the VHN for easy mobilization during the camp.
8) The concerned SHN/VHN should ensure that the children covered in the MMU camp sites shall be included in the relevant PHC coverage. The Medical officer of the MMU should ensure that the reports are entered through ONLINE after necessary provisions are made in the software.
9) All safety protocols including Double check of vaccine vials, diluents, AD syringes etc as already issued from this office must be strictly adhered during immunization in order to avoid any AEFI.
10) On an average, 250 to 300 outreach immunization sessions are additionally available for each HUD during every month through daily camps (except holidays) conducted by MMU. This advantage must be best utilized by the DDHS to achieve full immunization in their HUD. Suitable monitoring plan should be evolved and followed to ensure proper functioning of MMU.
(R. No. 76881/ Immn/ S3/2009 dt.3.8.09)

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