16 December 2011

Tamil Nadu Vector Science Forum

An exclusive independent forum called Tamil Nadu Vector Science Forum is being started in the State soon by a group of individuals from entomology background to undertake intensive research studies on the changing dynamics of vector-borne diseases.
The forum will have entomology experts, retired public health officials and interested natural sciences faculty of universities and colleges as its members.
It will be a forum where research on vector borne diseases would get top priority and scientists will collectively undertake studies for better understanding of vector bionomics.
S. Elango, former Director of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, who will be the convenor of Tamil Nadu Vector Science Forum, told The Hindu here on Sunday that the initial formalities for starting the forum were completed and it will be registered next month.
“We want to get going at the earliest. The forum will have to be registered under the Societies Act and it should be over before end of December. In the mean time, steps are being taken to rope in some vector science experts to join us,” he said.
Dr. Elango had stressed that it is important to have analytical study of aedes aegypti mosquito which spreads dengue fever.
Its flight pattern had changed in recent times according to studies and hence, the Tamil Nadu Government's Department of Public Health will have to look into those aspects also for prevention of diseases, he added.
“Bionomics, transmission and behaviour of vectors have changed. Disease transmission will continue to happen if the changes were not studied and we act accordingly. The Tamil Nadu Vector Science Forum will focus on issues like these,” the retired public health director said.
According to him, the mosquito breeding pattern too seemed to have changed and entomologists have recently come out with some findings and those studies must be taken in to account.
“We will request the Indian Council of Medical Research and the Centre for Research in Medical Entomology at Madurai to support our initiatives in the larger public interest,” he said.
Dr. Elango has appealed to entomologists, scientists, zoologists and vector science specialists at various universities and colleges in Tamil Nadu to become members of the forum and get engaged in collective work for scientific research, studies and prevention of vector borne diseases.
Those who are interested to know more about the Tamil Nadu Vector Science Forum can contact Dr.Elango on mobile number 94434-49115.

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